Price: $750

Province: Alberta
City: Red Deer
Type: Pets

I have 2 of the sweetest little, tiny long haired chihuahua pups you will ever see!! The fawn & white one is the female and the black & tan one is the male. The female will mature to 3 pounds and the male will be slightly smaller at 2 1/2 pounds. This estimate is based on the weight of both sets of parents and is within the CKC weight range of 2-6 lbs.

They are 19 weeks old and completely pee pad trained! They have had complete health checks and 2 sets of shots/dewormer. They are now due for their last sets of puppy vaccinations. You will receive all vet records.

They are not from any related litters and were originally bought as pets to eventually be bred, but due to recent health and financial crisis, I am unable to continue caring for them as they need.

There is no such thing as a "teacup" size in any breed, but if there was, they would fit into that catagory. The CKC has a weight range for all purebred dog breeds and the chihuhua has a range of 2-6 pounds. Any smaller and there may be hidden health concerns and any bigger and they are probably not a purebred Chihuahua.

With all that being said, these cutie pies will come with absolutely EVERYTHING you could ever need for her and MUCH MORE cute, custom items, as Chis this small are really hard to shop for!

What a great, complete gift package for someone wanting a tiny Chi pup!!! They would love their puppy and you forever :)

The MEGA BONUS special chi puppy pack includes these brand new items and more - (picture only shows SOME of the items)

1. Pink/white kennel for the girl and teal/aqua kennel for the boy.

2. White ex-pen/play yard to keep them safe indoors and stakes for outdoor use on the grass as well.

3. 20 pee pads to get you started.

4. 5 custom fit reusable flannel diapers/wraps for travel or heat cycles - just stick a pantyliner in the diaper and reuse without washing so many times!

5. Bag of her small breed puppy food.

6. Harness and leash set.

7. Four adorable collars and interchangeable charms.

8. Babyfleece soft, hoodie.

9. Custom made flannel froggie pajamas.

10. Adorable custom carry bag with a handle and shoulder strap which converts to a leash when you need to put the mdown.

11. Stainless steel no spill dishes set and holder.

12. Lots of tiny toys of all kinds.

13. Two flannel snuggle blankets.

14. 4 soft beds for kennel and play yard.

15. Reversible leopard coat with hood.

16. A Kennel Club Hardcover Chihuahua Books with 2 bonus DVDs inside, has many photos and all the information you will need to care specifically for your new Chi pup.

I want my pups new parents to be well prepared and my pups to be well taken care of and your custom puppy pack is worth well over $300!!!
I am asking $750 for these pups because of their small size and they are well worth it when you see all you will receive with them. I paid $800 for each pup and over $500 on shots and supplies each. I have invested well over $ on these pups and need to recoup a portion of costs, which also saves you money.

Most pups you see for cheaper, come with only one set of shots and a small amount of transition food and they sell for $400-$800+ more if they are reg with CKC.

Please take all of this into consideration and not just the total price!

Ad will be updated when one or both sell.