Price: $1,000

Province: Alberta
City: Red Deer
Type: Pets

Jan 15th.
please help get the word out that Cloe is still missing. If you can tell five friends or coworkers about her. She may have been kept by someone who thought she was a stray.

I just recieved an email saying that same type of dog was spotted
around this morning about (Jan 10th) in jordan parkway area
if you live in this area can you please keep your eyes open for her
thank you
Jan 10th
We would like to thank everyone who has been out looking for Cloe. She has not been found and the Morrisroe lead has not panned out. We so appriciate everyone being so great and taking time out of their day to look for her and we are hoping you guys will continue to keep an eye out for her. There has not been a minute in a day when she has not been on our minds and we are praying for her to be home with us someday.
Thank you again... your generosity has been overwhelming and will never be forgotten.

Spotted around noon January 5th

Cloe has been spotted in the Morrisroe area (Metcalf Ave) heading toward Deer Park three hours ago.... If anyone lives in the area can you please try and get her. I just talked to bylaw and they had a report two weeks ago about a dog matching her description in that area. She is very frightened and we were told pretty skinning. If you know anyone willing to look we are offering a two thousand dollar reward to get her home. Thank you

Black and Tan/brown Chihauha Yorkshire Terrior cross. She weighs under 5 pound and is a spayed female. She has a long black skinny tail and a very fuzzy tan face and belly, and really extra large ears.
She is not a neglected dog, she is very much loved. My daughter had left her at a kennel in Red Deer when she went missing.
We are offering $.00 plus to get her home. If you have seen her please call us collect at 867 872-