Cookie is a very playful and loveable kitty who needs lots of attention of which we can not provide. He will not be given to just anyone, he is loved very much and is somewhat of high maintenance cat.. he was very sick a few months back and is on a special diet but he will come with a almost full bag of that food.. will come with some toys as well. He is abit rambunctious so not recommended for households with breakables. For a long time cat owner with experience in training cats he would be the perfect fuzzy edition to your family.. he loves morning cuddles and is very quirky :) he currently lives with two other cats although tends to play rough.. so hed be better off on his own. With lots of love and attention he is much more behaved.
If you think Cookie is for you then please give me a call and we can arrange for you to meet him .. # 403-392- calls only after 3 on weekdays and anytime on weekends.